Horizon Roofing’s Experts That Ensure Professional Shingle Repair

Looking for a reliable shingle repair specialist to meet the roofing and shingle repair needs of your residential and commercial properties? At Horizon Roofing, we focus on providing quality roofing services that not only ensure customer satisfaction but also exceed your expectations. We specialize in maintenance, with professional roofers that handle all matters of repairs. From residential […]

Commercial Roofing: Save Money Keeping Up With Your Roof

As a business owner, fewer things are more heartbreaking than looking up to see a steady stream of water is pouring into your building through the roof. In an instant, you are calculating the replacement costs, the time and money lost from having to shut down your commercial enterprise for repair, and how much aspirin […]

5 Signs Your House Needs New Roofing

Roofs are one of the most important part of our house. Theoretically, roofs complete our houses. They save us from all the natural calamities that might hamper our day to day life. While there may arise some problems with the roof, that we can repair from time to time, a replacement for the existing roof […]

Is It Time For a New Roof?

Not Sure If You Need A New Roof? Roofs are the most important part of every home’s weatherproofing and any leakage can lead to incalculable damages within a short period.

Roof Care Tips In Georgia

Roofing is something that is best left to the professionals. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of your roof yourself. Keeping a close eye on your roof and making sure that it is in top shape can go a long way in saving huge expenses in the future. After all, it is […]

How To Choose a Roof For Your Home

From natural materials like slate and wood to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are more types and styles of roofing to choose from today than ever before. While each has its advantages and shortcomings, they all can add a distinctive design element to your home. So which one is […]

The Importance of Siding On Your Home

The siding to your home serves a very important purpose. Much like insulation, it helps to shield away from the home and insulate it from the harsh elements of the weather. Insulation must keep the area between itself and the walls free of insects, dirt, and moisture. Year-round, moisture is always the biggest concern. If […]

Homeowners Tips For Claiming a Storm Damaged Roof: Georgia Residents

Once a storm hits your home, the “fun” is just beginning. Dealing with the insurance claim process and talking endlessly on the phone may seem a daunting experience. With all the paperwork and legal process, most homeowners are even unsure how to file a claim. As the most exposed part of your home, your roof […]

4 Tips to Get the Best Roofing Estimate

Take these steps to find the right crew and perfect price for your roof installation. A roof repair or new install can be a huge investment for any homeowner, so it’s highly important to be picky when selecting roofing contractors. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the first bid a residential roofer gives them, but […]