Exterior Painting

Painting your home can be exhausting and time consuming. Luckily for you, Horizon Roofing can do it for you. We understand that it’s not just about slapping a fresh coat on. Painting itself requires a little more expertise when it comes to surfaces and doing the job right the first time so the paint can […]

Fire Damage and Your Roof

With the weather changing from warm and bareable to frigid and freezing most people will use their fire place instead of constantly changing the temp on their thermostats. Who could blame them? Saving on heat energy costs can be a tricky thing especially when using the fireplace. The last thing you want is to start […]

Repairing Soffits: Why Is It So Important?

There’s a good chance that your home – whether or not you’re aware of it – has got soffits installed. What is a soffit? You may well ask. Walk outside your door and look up – the material that connects the side of your house and the roof overhang is the soffit. The soffit often looks […]