Have an Old Roof? You Might Lose Your Homeowners Insurance!

Insurance companies view roofs as one of the most important parts of a home because they protect homes from the elements. If you have a damaged roof, you’re likely going to have problems within your home that will lead to more claims. Wanting to limit the number of claims that can come from a leaky […]

Are you a property manager? 3 things you may want to know about roofs!

Cost of an annual roof walk for preventive maintenance? The cost of a roof walk check is going to vary depending on the size of the apartment complex. If you have a number of buildings, the unit investment is going to be lower. Tenant communication is key in roof work The ideal client for us […]

The Importance of Exterior Painting

As the seasons go by year after year, the exterior surfaces of your home are exposed to its two worst enemies; sunlight and moisture. If you don’t have a preventive maintenance program in place, these two elements will keep money draining out of your wallet. Here’s the problem with moisture and sunlight. When surfaces are […]

The Importance of Roof Repair and Maintenance

Replacing the roof on your home is one of the pricier home renovation projects you can choose, but when the roof needs an upgrade it’s almost impossible to ignore it for long. However, before your roof is decades old and in need of full replacement, there are a variety of options you may consider to help […]