Why Fascia and Soffits are Important

The fact is, it’s very important to stay up-to-date on your soffit and fascia if you want to keep a good looking and energy efficient home. They also protect your home from pests like squirrels and birds while maintaining and improving water drainage in roofs by keeping drainage, like gutters, in place, which, in turn, […]

Repairing Soffits: Why Is It So Important?

There’s a good chance that your home – whether or not you’re aware of it – has got soffits installed. What is a soffit? You may well ask. Walk outside your door and look up – the material that connects the side of your house and the roof overhang is the soffit. The soffit often looks […]


What Are Fascia and Soffits? Soffits are the surfaces directly under the eaves while fascia is the horizontal boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. While these components can enhance the aesthetic of your home, they’re far from just decorative. Fascia offers structural support to the gutter system and thereby help keep […]

Tips For Hiring a Contractor

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares eight tips for selecting and working with a qualified contractor: 1. Get recommendations. Start with your friends and family and then check in with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of members in your area. You can also talk with a building inspector, […]

Common Causes of Gutter Leaks

Gutters are one of those things that we don’t really notice nor appreciate everything that they do for our Georgia homes until something goes wrong. When your gutters begin leaking, how can you know what the problem is? Can you patch it yourself, or do you need to get a replacement? We’ve compiled a list […]

How To Determine When your Fascia or Soffit Needs Repaired

Your roof is made up of a number of interconnected parts that function together to protect your home from the elements. When all the components are healthy, they operate harmoniously with each other to keep the integrity of your roof intact. Fascia and soffits are among your roof’s necessary parts and they must be kept in good condition. Here’s how to […]