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Home renovations can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time.  Homeowners are excited about achieving a new look but are often apprehensive about the process it takes to get there. We take the anxiety out of home renovations by sitting down with our valued customers to help them choose the right products for their project and explaining our philosophy and overall home remodeling process.

When flooring is part of your home remodeling, one of the aspects we discuss is hardwood floor types.  It is important to understand the different types of hardwood floors as they have varying installation methods and features.

classic hardwood flooring

Classic Solid

Classic solid hardwood flooring is comprised of genuine hardwood boards that are nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor.  The boards are ¾” thick and come in widths of 2 ¼’, 3 ¼’ or 4 ¼’.  Solid wood floors can be re-sanded multiple times.

engineered hardwood flooring


Engineered hardwood flooring is boards that feature real wood with a plywood base. These boards can be glued down over concrete or glued, stapled, floated or nailed down over a  subfloor.  Engineered hardwood floors can be sanded an average of three to five times.


Lock flooring is made of hardwood boards with a high-density fiber core.  The boards are installed as a floating floor, so no nails, glue or staples are required.  These floors can be moved if desired.

lock hardwood flooring

Horizon is the area’s home remodeling contractor of choice.  Our attention to detail, focus on quality and satisfaction guarantee are what make us different from the typical design-build contractor.  And, unlike many home remodeling contractors, we are very selective about the products we choose to offer our discerning clients.  Are you planning on making home renovations now or in the future? If so, give Horizon Roofing & Remodeling a call to schedule your personalized, in-home consultation.


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