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The Master Shingle Applicator program provides education in every aspect of shingle installation techniques, and the approved procedures for installing all CertainTeed shingles.  The program utilizes the Shingle Applicator’s Manual and covers topics such as good workmanship practices, roof systems, estimating, flashing, ventilation, and product installation instructions for all of CertainTeed’s shingle products.

logo_certainteedBenefits of the program include:

  • Trade Knowledge

What’s in it for you, the homeowner or business owner:

  • Provides workforce standards, and produces high-quality work
  • Ensures warranty compliance
  • Sets us apart from the competition

To become a Master Shingle Applicator our roofing specialist had to pass:

  • Pass the Master Shingle Applicator test after studying the Shingle Applicator’s Manual
  • The Master Shingle Applicator is a requirement for the ShingleMaster™ and SELECT ShingleMaster™ Programs
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certified Certaineed shinglemaster