Fascia is the portion of your home’s exterior trim to which gutters are usually attached. We ask much of fascia boards especially through the seasons. Winter weather can be particularly harsh on fascia. Rain and ice can cause many issues over time and the fascia’s location makes them inherently vulnerable, especially when you want them […]

Fascia Repair

As a homeowner, it is important to know the composition of your house and the materials used in its construction.>>http://www.centuryaluminum.ca/soffit-fascia-repair/ For more information visit us online at www.horizonroofs.com/ or give us a call today at (770) 207-0759 #HorizonRoofing

Gutter System Services

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Top 3 Reasons To Replace Windows During The Winter

A lot of homeowners have reservations about undertaking home renovation projects in the winter months. And that’s understandable. It’s cold and dark most of the time. But replacing your windows in the winter can actually be a lot easier, cost-effective, and faster than during the summer months. Let’s see why. What Is The Difference Between […]

Hearing Strange Sounds Coming From Your Roof?

Are you hearing strange sounds coming from roof? Most of the time, the cause will be nothing too serious and can be easily remedied on your own. Here are common sounds that you might be hearing above you, in your roof or attic. Popping Sounds Hearing your roof “pop” or “crack” is common and not […]

Preparing Your Roof For Winter

As we saw Friday Winter has arrived here in the Metro Atlanta area so it is important that if you have not already prepared your roof for the possibility of severe weather now is the time to prepare your roof for winter, you will prevent the need for more extensive roof repair in the future. […]

How To Prepare Your Roof For Cold Weather

It’s hard to believe that the first frost arrived here in Georgia this morning. During this cold time, having a quality roof over your head is essential. Given the harsh weather of winter—cold rain and snow and ice—it only follows that during this time that both residential and commercial roofs are more susceptible to experiencing […]

Commercial Roof Maintenance – Keeping Gutters & Drains Clean

There is a lot of importance in inspecting your facility roof, performing periodic maintenance and making vital repairs before the cold weather sets in. In this post, we are going to focus on just how damaging natural debris can really be. All those beautiful autumn leaves can wreak havoc on a  facility roof. Debris Buildup and […]

Making Sure Your Roof is Prepared for Winter Weather

Heavy rain, hail, and snow are all severe weather conditions that will soon appear during the winter months. Before any winter storm hits, it’s important to prepare your roof for any possible winter weather damage. Here are a few simple maintenance maneuvers you can do all on your own to prevent leaks, debris, and other such […]