Five things to do before you get your roof replaced


Even if nothing disastrous happens to your house, you will eventually have to replace the roof. Most warranties last about 20 years. After that expires you’re on your own when it comes to roof replacement. Roof placement cost is no laughing matter; as usual, for something intended to last a long time, it can be expensive to replace a roof. Before you have the workers come out to start hammering away, follow these five roof replacement tips.


Before you look into replacing your roof you should know how much damage there really is. A few loose shingles isn’t a big deal, while a tree that punched a hole in your roof is another story entirely. You should also get your roof inspected if you’re replacing the roof by choice rather than necessity. A new roof could be more energy efficient or beautiful, but you should know going into the roofing selection process what shape the roof is in. This will help keep roofers accountable and could inform you of any problems brewing up there that you didn’t know about.


The roof replacement cost is going to depend heavily on what your new roof is made of. Asphalt shingles are often the sturdiest and cheapest option. Tile, on the other hand, is often prettier. Before you replace your roof you should research the pros and cons of various materials. Also, if you live in an HOA, make sure your roof selection is compliant with your homeowner’s association’s rules.

This stage of roof replacement is also the time to think about any other roof installations you may have or need. If you want to put in solar paneling, etc., now is the time to consider it.


If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced your insurance company won’t help you pay for it. However, some insurance companies or policies offer rate reductions for regular maintenance. If your policy does, inform them that the roof is going to be professionally installed and new. You might be able to get a rebate or some other financial incentive to do so. Even if you’re not sure whether your policy or your company offers a program like this, it only takes a few minutes from your day to ask. If there are specific things that they’d want you to do to document your maintenance, knowing in advance could stop you from missing out on a reduction opportunity in the future.


Get referrals from businesses and online sources. When you get an estimate from a roofer, get their insurance information and confirm they have a policy. Check their online reviews. The best roof replacement tips out there focus on how to make sure you’re hiring the right roofing company. Research, double check and don’t be afraid to ask for specific information from companies.


Roofing is hard, long work. If you have the luxury of scheduling the replacement, try to do so. It’s going to be loud in the house; sleeping past 6 am or so could be a thing of the past for the duration of the replacement.

Most people will only replace a home’s roof once; with that in mind, follow roof replacement tips and tricks to be sure that the experience is hassle-free and smooth. If you’ve checked every step off this list, your roof should be brand new before you know it.

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